We took a whale watching trip with Whale Explorers and were very satisfied. We saw many dolphins, a couple of turtles and blue whales from a good distance. There was only four people on the boat with us, so it was not crowded. People warn about trip organizers who don't care about safety issues or not disturbing the animals while on the sea. We felt safe during the whole trip even the ride was quite bumpy at times. And to my opinion the "official" whale watching trip organizer was doing the most harm with it's noisy catamaran.


Me and my family got the rare chance to spot a blue whale. I could still remember the look of
happiness in my daughter’s face when she saw the whale for the first time. It was almost as if
time stood still. I would like to thank Whale Explorers for this opportunity and would
recommend it to all travelers!


Liked: -
- we were really lucky to see about 10 blue whales, dolphins and sea turtles
- this crew knows where the best viewing spots are and how to handle the boat in order to not to scare the whales and dolphins away

Disliked: -
- the sea was really choppy and if you have a sensitive stomach, recommend bringing along anti-nausea tablets. Green apples tend to do the trick as well

Tip: -
- It takes about to 2 hours to reach the viewing spots. Recommend staying at the bottom of the boat as the 2nd floor heaves a lot. Once you reach the viewing area make your way to the 2nd floor as it has the best views


It is a sin to visit Sri Lanka and not go on a whale watching tour. Whale Explorers made my trip
all the more better. We were not only able to spot the majestic creatures but we also experienced the great Indian ocean in its entire splendor. It’s a feeling that one can hardly describe.


Whales Explorers made my trip to Sri Lanka so much better. I got to experience something
wonderful and the memories I made on my trip to Mirissa thanks to Whale Explorers will last a


We had a really good time. I'm sure we wouldn't be so positive had we not seen any whales but we did see a large blue whale, dozens of dolphins, a couple turtles and a few flying fish. We were thrilled. The crew were happy to answer all of our questions. Be careful with the sea sickness. Several passengers were suffering. We took motion sickness tablets before the trip and were fine. Overall it was a once in a lifetime experience for us--in a positive way but I can see how people would be upset if they did the long boat trip without any whale sightings.


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